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Beyond the Dance

The Houston Lion Kings Dragon & Lion Dance Sports Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Asian arts of the dragon and lion dances.  

The Houston Lion Kings was founded in 2005 originally as the Celestial Dragon Lion Dance Troupe / Đoàn Lân Con Rồng Cháu Tiên (Đoàn Lân Tiên Rồng for short).  From the beginning, our goal was to create an organization where everyone was welcomed no matter the age, gender, ethnicity, or affiliation.  We focused on creating a fun and safe family environment where we trained together to improve the body and mind and instill a sense of integrity, honesty, humility, and accountability to our members.  What came from that was the ability to provide exceptional service to our supporters not only through the lion dance and dragon dance but also our philanthropical deeds throughout the years.

In 2013, we rebranded to Houston Lion Kings.  Our change in identity was a need to address the fact that our organization provided more than just the lion and dragon dances.  We had grown to about 40 members and were actively involved with the community by volunteering at events that needed the extra manpower our team could provide.  With the funds we received for our Houston lion dance performances, we were also able to donate back to the local communities during times of need such as during the Memorial Day Floods and when Hurricane Harvey struck.  We have also supported many nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, the Boys and Girls Country, and local charities.  Like Kings and Queens of the past, we strive to be leaders amongst the Houston lion dance scene and also a benefactor of improvement for all those around us.

Today, the Houston Lion Kings continue to uphold the values our organization was founded on, we continue to perform the lion dance and dragon dance at a distinguished level, and we continue to serve and better our community.

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